Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence:
How to Get Women to Love You
- a workshop for men -
What do women want from men?

Two old models of manhood – the dominating macho jerk and the spiritual-but-ungrounded nice guy – don’t work anymore. Women today are seeking men who are grounded and spiritual, integrated and authentic. Women want a true partner for their lives of beauty, creativity and service. This new model of manhood requires us to bring our power, passion, purpose & presence to every area of our lives. It requires being true to ourselves rather than conforming to anyone else’s desires for us – including women! It means living a life of true integrity.

Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence !

These qualities come from deep and truthful inner exploration in the presence of other men, other explorers. Together, we will dive down into our beliefs about power and our reactions to its various forms and guises. We will explore our passions and our desire for approval and love. You will learn to connect more deeply with yourself, with others, and with Spirit. You will learn to use your life purpose as a beacon toward more deliberate and satisfying work. You will eliminate beliefs that have held you back from full self-expression, and discover the potent role of integrity (or lack thereof) in your life. Inner strength, authenticity and the ability to be present for others, especially for women, leads to more love and passion in your life. This workshop lights that path.

A 3-day workshop that will turn you into a love magnet.

Women are actively seeking men with these four qualities, but there are few men who can fulfill their desires. This workshop is designed to awaken these noble qualities which already exist in you. When you bring them forward from your depths, women will be attracted to you like hummingbirds to flowers.

Dates and locations in 2007:

  • September 14th– 16th in San Rafael, California
  • October 5th – 7th in Asheville, North Carolina
  • October 12th – 14th in Lenox, Massachusetts (Kripalu Yoga Center)

The workshop fee is $295, which includes a copy of Lion’s e-book.

To register, or for more information, call 415.472.6500, or email me.