July 2006 - Issue #1  

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Welcome to the first edition of Everyday Awakening, the newsletter dedicated to exploring our infinite potential.

Everyday Awakening contains exercises, practices, and tips for bringing more awareness, joy, and aliveness into your life.

Everyday Awakening provides periodic “wake-up” calls to help you remember who you are, why you are here, and how wonderful life is.

Everyday Awakening is a reminder to take a little time each day to re-member, and re-call your highest good back into your life. True awakening does not come automatically. It takes dedication and practice.

Waking Up Into Joy

Go Outside and Play!
kids play outside

The problem: Our lives are too busy. We have too much to do. Our entertainment culture offers endless distractions. It is often painful to look at the world with open eyes or an open heart, so we close both. It is easy to drift back into habitual, automatic modes of thinking and behavior – the “normal” state of waking sleep.

In each edition of my newsletter, I'll offer some of my favorite techniques for expanding consciousness, changing perspective, examining beliefs, or opening to new sensations and experiences. Each practice will be an opportunity to get an injection of joy juice directly into the veins of your life. If you do the exercises, or use them as daily practices, you'll open up juicy new possibilities for your life.

As a child, my favorite moments were when friends knocked on my door and said, “Come outside and play. Let’s go exploring!”

This newsletter is my way of knocking on your door: "Hey! Come out and play!"

This month, the exercise I offer is a way to feel more joy right now, in this moment. Care to indulge?

The Shock of Near Death
A path of awakening I don't recommend

Getting shot in the head is one way to awaken – it worked for me – but I don’t recommend it to others. If you'd like to read my true story about being shot four times by a man with a gun who intended to kill me, click the link below. This remarkable story was published internationally in a best selling book and was reprinted in the magazine Natural Beauty and Health. It was also used as the screenplay for a stunning movie, The Kindness of Strangers, which won “Best Film” at the Rosebud Film Festival in Virginia last year.

Waking The Global Heart
This month's book recommendation
Waking TGHcover

Anodea Judith, one of the most brilliant women I know (and my beloved partner) has released her newest book to rave reviews: Waking The Global Heart: Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. It's a knock-out must-read that describes how we've gotten into the mess we’re in, and how we can find our way through to a new vision of our own humanity.

Most history books have bored the daylights out of me. But Anodea's telling of the story of "where we have come from" - our 30,000 years of Civilization - is the most interesting tale I've ever read. In her previous best-selling books on the Chakras, she wove together East & West, body & mind, and spiritual development with psychological development. In this book, she weaves together a larger pattern that helps us place ourselves in the midst of an evolutionary map. She tells us "our story," not his- story. And knowing this, we can more consciously create the story of our future.

If you want perspective, and want to understand where we've come from, where we went wrong, and our choices for the future on this planet, read this book. Anodea is a prophet for our time, shining a bright light so we can see ourselves - and our path - more clearly.

Read more about it on her website, www.WakingTheGlobalHeart.com, or order the book from my website.

Manifestation Through the Chakras
Turning your Dreams into Realities

Do you want to learn specific techniques to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS? Anodea and I teach an awesome workshop using the chakras as a model. We teach how to use the downward manifestation current (Mukti) which brings energy from the unmanifest realm of consciousness, idea, and thought down through the chakras step by step until the idea manifests as a reality in the world. To learn more about this fantastic workshop, or to read dozens of testimonials from our participants, click

How to Get Women to Love You
My new e-book for men and the women that love them.


If you want to be loved more by your woman (or be loved by more women), click below to read an excerpt from my new book, How to Get Women to Love You. This potent, punchy book reveals 15 techniques for becoming more lovable.

Saniel Bonder, author of Healing the Spirit Matter Split and Waking Down in Mutuality said, "How to Get Women to Love You is fantastic! What a great, thorough, down to earth, real piece of practical counsel for guys. This is great stuff. Definitely a winner."

When you buy my book online, I include 20 minutes of free coaching to help you implement these recommendations into your relationship.

If you are a woman, and there is something about your man that you would like to change, you will want him to read this book. I guarantee it. And the free coaching session can be transfered to your partner.

We all want more love in our lives. How can we attract it? By becoming the kind of man that women are searching for.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey into consciousness. Please forward this newsletter to your friends who are interested in exploring their infinite potential.

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Warm wishes,

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