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Dear Lion,

Welcome to the October issue of Everyday Awakening.

The main article in this issue is a description of Voice Dialog, one of the most powerful techniques available for expanding self-awareness. The Exercise of the Month follows that article – a process to help you easily identify your own sub-personalities, or Voices.

I’ve packed a lot into this issue: a report from the Burning Man Festival; a story about an organization that's transforming schools; three film and video recommendations; and an invitation to our empowering Manifestation through the Chakras Workshops.

I hope you find this issue interesting, entertaining, and enlightening!



A Celebration of Art and Consciousness
Burning Man
Burning Man

I attended Burning Man last month – the annual festival of art and consciousness held each year in the Nevada desert. It was one of the most awesome spectacles of human creativity I have ever witnessed.

This year, 40,000 people arrived from around the world to celebrate life and possibilities. The theme was “The Future: Hope or Fear?” and I became quite hopeful while there. It is amazing to see individuals and micro-communities function smoothly in a “no commerce / anything goes / take responsibility / be generous / clean-up-after-yourself” environment. It proves that good intentions, extreme freedom, a high degree of tolerance, and “just enough” structure can work together and make organic anarchy really work.

Create Success in our Manifestation Workshop
November in San Rafael or March in Costa Rica!

Anodea and I recently taught our amazing 3½-day course, From Dream to Reality: The Spiritual Technology of Manifestation. Every participant experienced a powerful transformation and an increase in their ability to create the life of their dreams.

Using the ancient Chakra model as a map of consciousness (Anodea’s specialty), and the most powerful techniques we know for step-by-step manifestation, we show you how to clarify your dreams and goals, remove obstacles, permanently change old negative beliefs (quickly and easily), potently plan projects, and bring your goals and dreams into reality. We help you diagnose your own internal logjams (wherever they occur in your process), and show you simple techniques to clear them away.

We have taught this powerful course around the world, and participants report success in fulfilling their most cherished dreams, from meeting a life partner to buying a first house.

Join us November 16th through 19th in San Rafael, California, or March 10th through 17th in the magical heart of the Costa Rica rainforest. The Costa Rica workshop is designed especially for social activists and big dreamers. For more information, click the link below.

If you have a dream you want to make real, we have the step-by-step procedures that will ensure your success. Please join us – we want you to have this incredible technology to use in your life.

Sustainable Business and the Global Economy
earth mandala

Business has been a great force for good in the world, and it has also done great damage to many people and to our planet. Having spent most of my life as a businessman (attempting to align my business practices with my spiritual practices), I am committed to making a difference in this arena. To transform our world, businesses must be transformed.

Last year, I joined the World Business Academy (www.worldbusiness.org), an educational organization dedicated to the proposition that business can be, and must be, a force for positive change in the world. A group of us have created a new web-based resource center called SustainAgility: The Sustainable Business Resource Network. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use resource directory for business leaders who want to make their companies more sustainable. It will include links to experts, articles, consultants, case studies, and financial analyses that clearly demonstrate that Sustainability Creates Value.

You can visit our early-stage website by clicking below. If you know of business leaders or companies interested in becoming more sustainable, please refer them to me.

Making Schools Safe
An organization worthy of your support
kids fighting

Were you ever teased, bullied, laughed at, or beaten up in school?

If so, you probably would do anything to prevent it from happening to others. I've discovered an organization that has been very successful in reducing violence and bullying at more than 500 schools across the country, and I invite you to join me in supporting them.

Rick Phillips, a former teacher and school principal, founded the Safe School Ambassadors program after the Columbine High School killings eight years ago. Their program brings together the “natural leaders” in the school, including leaders of every gang and clique (cheerleaders, nerds, stoners, Goths, jocks, etc.) for a two-day program in self-awareness, personal growth, and non-violent communication. When kids come together in a compassionate, open-hearted forum, and are taught techniques for "de-fusing" bullying and violent incidents, their new behavior gets quickly adopted by others in their group, and the school becomes a safer, friendlier place for everyone.

Please join me in supporting this important organization. I'm committed to helping them raise additional funds for expansion of their programs. If you live in the Bay Area, I invite you to join me for a fund- raising luncheon on November 9th. Call me for details at 415.472.6500. Or simply send them a contribution so they can include more schools. I thank you, and the kids will thank you.

Film and Video Recommendations
Mystery, Fun, Spirituality and Activism
man holding sun


Don’t miss The Illusionist starring Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Set in 1900 and filmed in Prague, it is a beautiful and sensitive story of intrigue and magic. A tale about love and separation, it explores the search for truth and the creation of illusion. Don’t wait for it to come out on video. See it on the big screen.

The Science of Sleep

If you like mind-bending fun, see The Science of Sleep, a French film that reminded me of a cross between Pee Wee’s Playhouse and some of my own wildest night dreams. The main character is an artist whose strange dreams cross over into his waking reality. This is not a serious exploration of dreams, but a fun romp through the mind of an artist, and perhaps your own mind. It is obvious that the filmmakers had a lot of fun creating their own dream film! Highly recommended for humor and entertainment value.


Andrew Harvey is a brilliant and articulate Oxford scholar and mystic, a poet, translator of Rumi, novelist, spiritual teacher, and author of more than 15 books. We recently watched a stunning DVD entitled Andrew Harvey: Sacred Activism, produced by Hartley Films (www.hartleyvideo.org). Sacred Activism is Harvey's fusion of profound mystical awareness, passion, and the sacred practice of wise, dedicated, radical action in the world in order to preserve both nature and our human civilization.

A Profound Process for Expanding Self-Awareness
Voice Dialog
5 elements

The Exercise of the Month follows this article.

There are two delusions that cause most of human suffering.

The first is the delusion of separateness: the belief that “I” am separate from other people, and “I” am separate from everything else (Nature/ Universe/ Spirit/ God). This delusion causes deep loneliness, desperation, and depression, and causes us to create and use a variety of neurotic strategies in an attempt to fill ourselves up. One of these strategies is the attempt to attract an idealized “other” who will love us perfectly and thus end our essential loneliness.

All wisdom traditions, depth psychologies, and true spiritual paths are dedicated to helping us awaken from this delusion, and awaken instead to the truth and reality of our oneness and connectedness.

The second delusion is more insidious, and is rarely discussed. This is the delusion that I am one person, that is, a single, consistent “Self” throughout my life.


October brings Halloween, known to the Celts as Samhain. Costume parties allow us to bring into public view our hidden sub-personalities, or Voices. If you were going to a costume party dressed up as one of your long-buried Voices, which one would it be? What would it wear? If an outfit doesn't come to mind immediately, take a minute to imagine one.

In the next issue, I will write about a very powerful technique for changing beliefs easily and permanently: The Belief Closet. This exercise has had a profound impact on the lives of my coaching clients and workshop participants.

I send my thanks and appreciation to you, dear readers and friends. I hope I have entertained and enlightened you, or at least brightened your day and given you something to think about. Let me know whether I have succeeded.

And please pass this newsletter on to others who might find it interesting. Stay in touch, and let me know how you are doing in your precious one-and-only life.

With Warmth and Joy,

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Lion Goodman
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