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Dear Lion,

Welcome to the Spring 2007 edition of the Everyday Awakening newsletter.

How well do you deal with difficulties? I've faced some big ones lately. In this issue, I share a story about travel and travails, and a potent, easy-to-use technique for gaining perspective and recovering your attention when you're in physical or mental pain. Add it to your Emergency First Aid Kit that you keep on hand. My best advice is: In any emergency, apply Awareness first.

No one escapes from life unscathed. Shakespeare wrote that we “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,... and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.” With the right attitude and tools, however, we can tap into our inner strengths, discover our values, envision a better future, and make new commitments that move us forward.

I am also offering free review copies of my e-book for men, which will be published later this year.

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May you continue to grow as a conscious creator, and may your creations be aligned with the greater good for the world.



New Workshop for Men
Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence!
final ascent leap

I am excited to announce my new workshop for men: Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence: How to Get Women to Love You. The workshop includes practical exercises, potent distinctions, investigation into our beliefs, and much more, all focused on becoming a better man - which makes you more atttractive to women.

The workshop is based on my e-book of the same name. I'm offering free review copies of the entire book this month (the offer is below).

There are three workshops currently scheduled:

  • September 21 - 23 in San Rafael, CA
  • October 5 - 7 in Asheville, NC
  • October 12 - 14 at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA
More Information is available on my website (click below), or call me for information or to register – 415.472.6500.

Free Book Offer
A Book for Men's Transformation

Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence

I am giving away 100 copies of my e-book, Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence: How to Get Women to Love You. My target is 100 men. (If you are a woman, I will send you a copy if you promise that both you and your man will read it.) Simply email me at lion@everydayawakening.com with “PPPP” in the Subject line, and I’ll send it immediately.

What I ask in return is your written feedback (publishers love testimonials) and any suggestions you might have for improving the content. I will be publishing it as a physical book in the coming months, so your feedback is important to me.

It's only 50 pages long (men have short attention spans), but it provides men with solid, practical advice for becoming more conscious and more lovable.

Women: Give this book to the men you love, and they will become even more lovable. And give it to those men whom you know would be great men, if only they would change a couple of things...”

Travels and Travails
Facing Up To Difficulties
yosemite sky

In March, we traveled to the primary rainforest of Costa Rica for two delightful weeks of yoga and a real vacation (no to do’s, distractions, or appointments). I was looking forward to resting deeply in the bosom of Mother Nature. But alas -- a sudden detached retina forced me to leave Paradise after only five days and return home for emergency surgery. For the next three weeks, I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. What a lousy way to spend a vacation!

When experiencing pain, it is nearly impossible to gain any perspective. All of our attention is focused in one place. I felt like a wounded animal, ready to snap at anyone who reached out to help me. Perspective is defined as “a particular attitude or way of regarding something; a point of view; understanding of the relative importance of things.” (From the Latin perspicare: per = through + specere = to look.) Thus, perspective is the lens or viewpoint one looks through to observe something or someone.

Perspective is both a measurement of one’s viewpoint (its width, depth, meanings, etc.) and the information that can be taken in by that viewpoint (sensory, intellectual, emotional, etc.).

Gaining perspective is important because it is our perspecive that provides us with our options for behavior. When we’re in pain or are suffering, we need new options the most, but this is the most difficult time to get it.

Below is the Exercise of the Month, which will provide you (and others) with a way out of those tight, narrow, painful spots.

Exercise of the Month
A Miracle Worker
baby view

Here is a technique for quickly shifting your attention and gaining perspective. It’s easy to use, and is especially helpful when you are suffering from pain or trauma, or stuck in a mind-loop of obsessive thinking. It can be used anytime your attention is so focused on your problem that you can’t seem to release it.

This is an adaptation of an exercise called “Releasing Fixed Attention” from The Avatar® Course. You can use this technique to help others when they are similarly stuck or traumatized. It provides quick and powerful relief, and it provides space for new perspectives -- even on “no-way-out” problems.

  1. Describe (out loud) exactly what your attention is focused on. Example: "I have a pain in my head. It's pulsing, as if someone is pounding on it with a hammer."
  2. Change the focus of your attention to an object you can look at. Describe it in detail, again out loud. Example: “It is a painting of two people standing on the shore of a lake. It's about ten inches wide by eight inches tall. It also looks like a picture of an infant."
  3. Return to the focus of your pain and describe it again, as it is right now. Example: “Now the pulsing pain is focused on the left side of my head, and it’s like a sharp knife being pressed from the back of my head, starting about an inch inside my skull and extending to just behind my eyeball.”
  4. Shift the focus of your attention now to a different object in the room that you can see, and describe it in detail.
  5. Continue to change your focus and your detailed descriptions out loud, going back and forth, focused first on the experience or problem on the inside and then on an object outside, until you notice one of the following results: a release of the suffering; a change in perspective or a new insight; the appearance of a solution; the relief or the disappearance of the issue altogether.
This is a miraculous process. It may take only a few minutes, or it could take as much as an hour for difficult situations (stick with it until you get the expected result). I guarantee you will get relief, or your money back! Let me know of your successes with this technique.

The Manifestation Workshop
and the 9-Day Chakra Intensive
workshop drumming

Beyond The Secret: How to actually make things happen.

Participants in our workshop, Manifestation Through The Chakras: Turning Your Dreams Into Reality report huge moves forward in their ability to make their dreams come true. This course goes far beyond The Secret (the popular new video about the Law of Attraction), because we teach the technology of mastery -- how to bring your ideas and desires into the real world, step by step. If you haven’t given yourself the gift of this workshop, the next opportunity is June 2nd through 7th at Hollyhock, a retreat center on beautiful Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada. This will be the last opportunity to learn our powerful Manifestation technology during 2007.

The 9-Day Chakra Intensive

Anodea is presenting her 9-day program, The Psychology of the Chakras, in San Rafael over three weekends: April 13-15, May 11-13 and June 15-17. This transformative journey of healing and learning takes you through your own chakras, utilizing yoga, bioenergetics, energy healing, and much more. Visit her website for more information: Sacred Centers.

Coaching News
Free Coaching Consultation Offer

Are you a coach, therapist, or manager of other people? My coaching training program teaches effective techniques to help others move through barriers and old beliefs. I teach the Coaching Track in Anodea Judith's Sacred Centers Certification Program. Click the link for details.

If you feel stuck in any part of your life and want to remove the obstacles that stand in your way, coaching can help you get that one internal shift that will free your attention and energy. Sometimes what is needed instead is some practical advice, or the building of skills that will help you get what you want.

One client wrote recently, "Lion's particular gift is his ability to move seamlessly from creative marketing and organizational planning to personal depth process work. His practical techniques have enabled me to overcome my resistance to implementing what I know needs to be done. His unique blend of skills and stalwart enthusiasm has allowed me to experience a whole new level of success."

For more information, click the link below. Better yet, call me! I offer ten-minute consultations at no charge, and we can often create a breakthrough that quickly.


In the next issue, I'll bring you great movie and media reviews, a personal opinion about "good opportunities," and more ways of gaining perspective.

In the meantime, I send my fondest and warmest wishes to you, with a reminder to slow down and smell the flowers of Spring. May your life be filled to overflowing with love and joy.

With power, passion, purpose, and presence,

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Lion Goodman
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