Making Your Dreams Come True

A workshop with

Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman

Coming Soon!

in San Rafael, California

• Do you want to manifest the dreams you have for your life?
• Would you like a step-by-step method for staying on track?
• Would you like to accomplish everything you dream of?
• Are you ready to commit to creating your dream life?

Anodea and Lion have brought this powerful workshop to students in
Holland, England, Costa Rica, the East Coast, and Marin,
receiving rave reviews from every attendee.

MANIFESTATION is the process of bringing your vision into focus, then taking appropriate and effective actions that will turn your dreams into realities. It is a practical, step-by-step procedure of moving your attention and energies down through the chakras – seven stages of concentration and condensation from thought into physical reality.

Learn practical techniques that you can apply throughout your life. Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit with this amazing workshop that combines chakra technology, powerful personal growth techniques, mentoring for your personal life vision, and exciting friends and co-creators.

Learn how to work with the Manifestation Current of the Chakras, from top down:
7) Expand your consciousness and discover your life purpose
6) Open to your fondest dreams and clarify your vision
5) Express your passion and your purpose articulately
4) Inspire others with your dreams through cultivating co-creative relationships
3) Empower your intentions and build a step-by-step plan
2) Clarify your needs and make specific requests
1) Create a solid plan for completion and take each step, one at a time.

Obstacles happen. If there were no obstacles in life, we could immediately manifest whatever we wanted. Obstacles and barriers (such as limiting beliefs, self-doubts, self-criticism, judgments, distractions, resistance, and difficulties keeping commitments) are a normal part of the creation process. We teach exciting and creative ways to clear away the obstacles and barriers that inevitably come up – so they don’t stop us or prevent us from manifesting what we want.

You will learn these practical techniques for handling obstacles:
• Eliminate old beliefs in The Belief Closet
• Plant the seeds of your heart’s desire with the Kalpataru Meditation
• Plan by Remembering Your Way Back from the Future
• Unleash internal conflict by Amplifying Internal Voices
• Disappear uncomfortable feelings through Sensation Focusing
• Dance the manifestation current down from Heaven to Earth
• Get things done through Effective Communication for Action
• Create support by forming a Dream Team
• Transform your life by Completing Incomplete Cycles

Dates and times:

Thursday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The workshop fee is $495. This fee includes meals - both lunch and refreshments – on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The location is at our home in San Rafael, California, a half-hour north of San Francisco. We can provide a list of nearby hotels and motels if you are traveling to the Bay Area.

If you register more than one month before the workshop, the “early bird” price is only $450. We have room for only 20 people, and it is certain to fill up, so register early!

For Questions, contact Lion at 415.472.6500 or Anodea at 415.472.2284.
By email: or

Your guides:

Lion Goodman is an Evocateur – one who evokes the best in others. He is a life and business success coach, a published author, workshop leader, and entrepreneur. He has been President of The Goodman Group, a corporate consulting firm, for more than twenty years. He taught The Avatar Course, an international belief management program, for six years. He helps his clients achieve extraordinary results in their lives. Visit his website at

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been writing and teaching about the chakra system for 30 years and is an acclaimed international workshop leader. She has written numerous books including the classic Wheels of Life and the psychology text, Eastern Body, Western Mind. Her newest book, Waking the Global Heart, was just released to great acclaim, and she produced the award-winning animated DVD, The Illuminated Chakras. She has training in psychotherapy, bioenergetics, hypnotherapy, trauma recovery, yoga, and Avatar. Visit her website at

Rave Reviews for Manifestation Through The Chakras

Thank you both for the fabulous workshop! I really loved it and you should keep up the good work.
I have already noticed that the gravity of my intentions is starting to take shape. Before the workshop, I would often avoid writing. Since the workshop, I have had many satisfying writing sessions. I really want to thank you both. My love goes out to the both of you!
– Greg O., San Rafael, CA

Berend and I want to thank you for a week of joy, insights and connection. I felt so much love, warmth and friendship! To Berend, it was all new, but the result is that he looks like a new man, as if the deep layers of his personality are coming right out now! At the end of the course I told him that it felt like a lot of weight was falling off my shoulders. Berend has lost 6 kg in three weeks, and is still going strong! I lost weight, too, and now need a belt around my skirt. Berend really liked your style of teaching and I can see every day what a big positive influence the training has had on him. I am so happy about that! Blessings to you both.
– Anita and Berend G., Amsterdam, Holland

Lion: You are a master coach in action! You are amazing, brilliant, and totally connected. I thank you for the methods you shared in overcoming my secondaries. I truly believe they will benefit me.
– Christina C., South Africa

The Manifestation Workshop was wonderful. I feel changed. Something deep has shifted.
– Martha B., Auburn, Maine

My life is on fire! Thanks for the tools at the Manifestation Workshop. My biggest take away has been an increased vigor in my health (diet and exercise) and I have lost almost 10 pounds since I got back from Costa Rica! I’m feeling great in my body. I doubled attendance at my workshop this year! It is going FABULOUSLY! Wishing you strength, healing, peace, and love,
– Jenni H., San Diego, California

Since leaving the workshop last week I have gained a new sense of clarity, vision courage, strength and an even grander vision for myself and my life, than ever before. I have joyful anticipation of the full manifestation of one of my current dreams: "To live freely and joyfully without physical limitation". You two are so amazing and adorable together! I am in awe of the chemistry you have in your personal relationship, as well as in your teaching. You serve as such a wonderful model in both work and relationship, truly striking a wonderful balance. What is so beautiful about the work you bring to us is that it has created a sacred safe space for me to go to deep within, to tap into the source of my greatness, allowing me to access, without judgment, my fears, secondaries, obstacles, judgments and shadow places that have been long neglected and getting in the way of creating the life I intend to live. I now embrace the sacred work of acknowledging my secondaries, as I know it's what leads me to the love, peace, freedom and joy I so richly deserve. Thank you for your tender loving care and wisdom, delivered with such grace and compassion. You have helped me to tap into that powerful place within that truly knows how to create my most magnificent life, by being and becoming all that I choose to be.
– Tara L., Portland, Connecticut

Yes, we are manifesting! That was a powerful workshop, and Lion's continued help is allowing me to maintain momentum. When you come to Vancouver, I have abundant enthusiasm to help you organize talks and workshops. I feel delight when I think of another group of seekers getting empowered. I hope all is as you would have it. All the best, and Love from us both,
– Brad and Ronaye C., Vancouver, British Columbia

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL Manifestation Workshop. It was so powerful that I could feel the changes in my energy field as my secondaries came up during the workshop, and met head on with an intensified energized primary. I have had such buried resistance to being seen publicly. I was able to see the resistance and find ways to move beyond it. As we moved down the chakras, I became far less comfortable in the manifesting stages. As I acknowledged my discomfort, I realized that this was the opportunity to move through them and out into the world, as this was really my primary. My comfort has been to make little sculptures or drawings of our exercises to remind me of the shifts that occurred. I am truly grateful for your workshop, for I am ready to shift out of my old patterns and achieve my purpose for this incarnation. Many thanks and much love,
– Sloat S., Brookline, Massachusetts

I can’t remember such joy as the day after the Manifestation workshop. My wheels are turning! I’m busy manifesting the Austin workshop for a 2nd honeymoon with my husband. Respect and admiration to the Goddess Anodea and love to the Lion Hearted Good Man.
Pat M., Point Arena, California

The Manifestation Workshop really helped me move into a new space which has subsequently caused a number of things to bubble up. Overall, I'm really getting to know my own power in creating what I want. I think I've lived as a victim to my circumstances for so long that I've let my past create my future. The tools I gained from the workshop have had profound effect on me. I have a renewed sense of hope for the future and have gained clarity about what's blocking my success and transformation. I've outlined all the steps I need to take to make my dream happen. Thank you again for helping me with the big breakthrough. I now have a heightened awareness about that difficulty, and it has really fueled me to make the changes I've been ambivalent about. I have been so inspired by Anodea’s work and have really been influenced by her wisdom and contribution for those seeking a more fulfilling path. You make a very dynamic team and I'm grateful to have experienced the magic that you both offer.
– Cokie B., Sacramento, California

The Manifestation Workshop was a miracle! My life has changed. For 30 years, the pain of that blade which I pulled out during an evening session with your assistance is completely gone. I am free! What a new world this is! I’ve been integrating the experience ever since. I am so very, very grateful for the work you are doing. Blessings to you again and again.
– Sho A., Manhattan, New York

I went to a workshop at IONS with some big name teachers after attending the Manifestation Workshop. Suffice it to say that whereas your workshop is about 95% stunningly useful and life changing, they barely touched me about 40% of the time. You guys rock.
Diane D., Sebastopol, California

Preparation for the Manifestation Workshop:

If you are not already familiar with the Chakras, please read one of the following books by Anodea Judith in preparation for the course:

Eastern Body, Western Mind (our strongest recommendation)
Waking the Global Heart
Wheels of Life
The Sevenfold Journey
The Chakra System: A course in Self-Diagnosis and Healing (Sounds True)
Chakra Balancing Kit, Workbook and CD’s (Sounds True)

We also strongly suggest watching the DVD, The Illuminated Chakras by Anodea Judith.

These books and products are available on Anodea’s website: or at your local bookstore (in Marin, we recommend Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael).