At this very moment, what is preventing you from feeling joyous, loving, contented and happy?

When I asked this question during my workshop at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference, the answers from participants covered the full spectrum of life’s difficulties:
• I’m experiencing pain from a disease/injury
• I recently lost a loved one and I’m still grieving
• My “to do” list is overwhelming me
• I’m too busy – I don’t have enough time
• I don’t have enough money
• My children’s constant needs keep me running
• I’m alone and I want to be in a relationship
• My job sucks (or I need a job)
• My mind and its constant chatter are intractable
• I can’t get rid of my bad habits
• There are too many distractions

We all have something, or many things, that stand in the way of our being happy. Sometimes they feel like innumerable small bothers or inconveniences, and other times the feel like insurmountable barriers or chasms we’ll never get over.

Do you want to be happier, and to feel more joy in your life? (Of course you do. Who doesn’t?)

If there is significant work involved, are you willing to do the work that is required? (This is a tougher question.)

Would you like to experience your natural joy, directly, right now? Here is an exercise that will allow you to do so. After reading it through, take a few minutes and DO the exercise. I guarantee that just reading it will not provide you with anything valuable at all. If you feel reluctance to do the exercise, allow the reluctance to be there, acknowledge it, include it, and do the exercise anyway. Courage is “having fear and doing it anyway.”


The first model for atomic structure pictured atoms as spinning particles, like planets around the sun. Electrons spin in “orbits” (more accurately, quantum probability clouds) around groups of protons and neutrons at the center of the atom. Atoms group together to form molecules, which are similarly always in motion. What we call “heat” is actually the energetic result of constantly moving molecules. The faster molecules are moving around, the hotter something is. Cells, made up of molecules, are also constantly in motion, moving chemicals around like busy little factories.

If you could look inside your body with an electron microscope capable of filming what was going on at the atomic and molecular levels, you would see constant movement – this is the Merry Dance of Life. Imagine that every molecule in your body is dancing. Some of your cells are doing the waltz, others the cha-cha, others the salsa or tango. Other cells are enjoying a chemically-enhanced rave to loud rock ‘n roll. Why not join them? What would it be like if you could feel this joyous dance going on inside of you?

Here is a way to do so.

Step 1:

In 1966, in the movie “The Fantastic Voyage,” scientists (including the ever-lovely Raquel Welch) were miniaturized and injected inside a human body. This is your own fantastic voyage. This is your opportunity to be a great explorer of a new world – your body.

Your body is made of more than 75 trillion cells (I counted them – that’s 75,000,000,000), and each cell is made of tens of thousands of molecules, all moving together in a cosmic dance. They are interacting, linking and de-linking, traveling from one place to another, transforming from one thing into another. Every single particle of your body is dancing. There is nothing made of matter that is still. This is the dance of ecstasy, of lila, of cosmic play. This is the dance of being alive, going on all the time inside you.

Take a moment to sit quietly. Let slow breaths relax your body further and further. Imagine that you have the ability to see down into every level of physical existence: your skin, the muscles, bones and organs that make up your body, the cells that compose the tissues, the molecules that make up the cells, and the atoms that compose the molecules. Keep going down through the layers, down to the sub-atomic level, where quantum strings are singing us into existence.

Notice the movement of everything. FEEL this movement and listen to the music that the cells are dancing to. This is your body. This is your body on bliss.

Take at least one full minute to feel this ecstatic dance. Give yourself the pleasure of feeling your inborn, natural exuberance and joy that exists throughout every cell and tissue of your body.

Step 2:

Play a piece of your favorite music, and let your body respond and dance – it might be a small movement, or perhaps your body wants to sway or move more vigorously. As you move, feel again this incredible molecular dance, and its ecstasy inside of you. Allow your body to respond to that dance. Let the ecstasy lead you. When you feel complete, sit in silence for a few minutes and feel everything that is happening in your body. Allow it to happen. Enjoy it happening.

All music, all rhythm, and even your heartbeat is a subset of this infinite rhythmic dance going on at all times. As you walk through your life, let it move you from time to time. Dance with it. Feel it in your bones and muscles and neurons and organs. This joyous dance is inside of you all the time. Give yourself the gift of feeling it, and moving with it.

Would you be wiling to share your experience? I would love to hear from you. Contact me at, and let me know if I can publish your report, with or without your name. Enjoy the dance!

In every issue of Everyday Awakening, I will present exercises to enhance your aliveness. I look forward to exploring with you!