The word Advaita comes from the Sanskrit words ah meaning “not” and dvaita meaning “two, or divided.” (We get our word “divide” from this Sanskrit root.) Thus, Advaita means “not-two” or “non-dual.” This is different than saying “one” because as soon as we say “this one” it immediately implies “not that one,” which is already dualistic. How can you get beyond dualistic perception? You have to go back, way back, to before the Universe made any distinctions.

The Universe was originally Being/Everything/Nothing. Being BEN gets boring after a few billion light-centuries of not-yet-time. BEN recognized that in order to be not-boring, it had to create something or someone to play with. But because it was already everything/nothing, it couldn’t create something other than itself. Then, BEN came up with a solution. It could divide into two, then four, then eight, then into trillions of fragments of itself. The first division happened. BEN divided itself into two halves: yin and yang, considered the masculine and feminine principles of the Universe. It is represented by the famous Tao or Yin/Yang symbol

Once divided, black could be distinguished from white, left from right, up from down. This created comparison, distinction, edges and boundaries. Being was divided into beings. Mind was divided into minds. Everything/Nothing was divided into things. Now divided, minds can distinguish self from other, this from that, here from there.

It is possible for Awareness (an aspect of Being) to return to the original “non-dual” state, by returning to “before division.” This BEN awareness existed before the Universe split itself into infinite forms, and it remains. It is inclusive of everything, and is prior to making any distinctions at all.

My friend Alexander Shomlo created this exercise and meditation to bring you into the state of non-dual awareness, or pure Beingness.

The Exercise

Spend a few minutes contemplating the question: WHERE DO I COME FROM? while tapping lightly on your forehead, either with one finger between and above your eyebrows (the “third eye” point) or with two fingers alternating (thumb and middle finger of one hand, for example) above your eyebrows. As you do this, allow your body to relax, and your mind and being to rest in effortless presence. When you feel comfortable, stop doing anything (including the tapping and the contemplating). Rest in the not-doing. Stop trying to be anything. Rest in undefined beingness.
If you find yourself back in some form (body, mind, thoughts, feelings, sensations, or anything else) start tapping again with your attention on what arose. Contemplate by asking WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM? If you can see where it came from, let it go. If you can’t see where it came from, let it go. Simply release it back into the void, from which it came.
In the event you run into something sticky and persistent that won't release, ask yourself WHAT AM I HOLDING ON TO? and WHO IS THE “I” THAT IS HOLDING ON? If you get an answer, let it go. If you don’t get an answer, let it go.
Alternatively, if this thing persists, ask yourself CAN I LET IT GO? Since it is your creation, the only true answer is YES, but ask the question openly and truthfully. Follow this with the questions WOULD I BE WILLING TO LET IT GO? and WHEN WOULD I BE WILLING TO LET IT GO? Usually, the answer is “Now.” Then let it go and return to pure awareness.
Keep going further and further, beyond and beyond whatever arises until you are aware of your Beingness. (Do not try to articulate it. Just be aware of your True-permanent-non-dual SELF.)
NOTE: This is a process of releasing and dropping layers of self-definitions, your identities, all you are identify yourself to be, all your attachments, judgments, preferences, desires and aversions. Mainly, you let go of your doer-ego by relaxing, releasing all efforts and resting in your Beingness.
The indication that the process is working and you are making progress is noticing that your mind gets quiet, with a sense of Beingness that is free, peaceful and happy. There is no connection to any wanting or not wanting, and you are not dependent on any condition or any need for things to be different than it already is. There is no fear whatsoever and no concern with pain or pleasure, gains or losses, success or failure.

You can also spend a few minutes per day starting with tapping on these questions:
(Proceed with the same procedure as outlined above.)

Once you understand the goal of Advaita and set your primary intention to pursue it, you may come up with your own starting question. The tapping is not really necessary, but it gives the brain a set of sensations to integrate with the thoughts. This is the basis of the trauma release technique called EMDR. Experiment with it to see if it enhances and accelerates this process for you.

This is the process of self-inquiry. It is a type of meditation that awakens us to our non-dual, undefined essence. There is nothing I know that is more laser-like or more profound.

Meditation to Dissolve the Ego:

Self-awareness exercises begin with enhancing a person’s sense of Self. There are many people who have lost touch with their own center (their own ground of being) by trying to be what others want them to be, or trying to conform in order to fit in, or trying to accomplish something by doing more and more. If the Self and the Will have been trampled by parents, elders, or through religious indoctrination, it must be rebuilt from the ground up, slowly, step by step.
Most exercises that engage the self actually empower the ego. The ego is the part of us that calculates and acts to gain self-advantage, recognition, and survival. There is nothing wrong with this. The ego is the tool with which we create in our lives. However, on the other side of the spectrum, if the ego grows too strong, it can also take control of a person’s life. Their whole life becomes focused on aggrandizement of the ego through accumulation of power, control, wealth, or recognition. This path also leads ultimately to suffering. When a person believes that they are their ego, they will suffer when the ego is not being fulfilled in some way.

Our ego (the doer) operates in a sort of dream state where the ego creates dreams and illusions through various identities, or roles. You may notice that your Parent identity, which you take on when you are with your children, operates very differently from your Child Identity, which operates when you are with your parents. Your Employee identity operates differently in the world than your Lover Identity when you are with your primary love interest.

These identities are like dreams when compared to the awakened Self, which is beyond identities. We can learn to create better dreams that enable us to accomplish more, get what we want out of life, get rid of bad habits, or become a more attractive person, but this is like a dreamer creating better dreams, and eliminating unwanted dreams.

Advaita is different because it dis-creates the dreamer. Without the dreamer, the dreams end. The following meditation is designed to eliminate both the dreams and the dreamer, dissolving the ego as a whole, or at least as a controlling influence. Practice it until it becomes second nature. Progress is realized when you can reduce the effort you are using doing the meditation. Eventually, it becomes effortless. When ego is absent, life is effortless.

The Meditation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted by any outside influence. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Let go of everything, including all thoughts you have about yourself.

Close your eyes. Observe your mental landscape. Sense who you are being at this moment.
Notice that your mental landscape consists of a mixture of masses and spaces made of various densities and held in place by various degrees of effort. Some are heavy and fixated. Others are light and loose, without fixed boundaries or edges. Find the lightest space in your mind's landscape, the one that consumes the least effort and energy to be there, and allow your attention to focus there.

Drop all attempts to do anything. Release all efforting. Just observe that light/easy space while staying neutral and dissolving in the equanimity of this realm.

Whenever you are pulled into a more solid mass or space, appreciate who you are being in that realm. Stay present and observe the unique density and texture of whatever you are pulled into. When it loosens up, and your attention is free again, flow your attention effortlessly into the lightest space apparent in that moment. If you feel stuck in something heavy, use your breath. Breathe into the dense area to help it loosen up and dissolve.

Be loving, gentle and compassionate with yourself. Free yourself from all fears, hurts and struggles. Continue the exercise until you are resting again in pure light awareness. Realize your true enlightened Self.

A. Alexander Shomlo is an Awakening Practitioner, and Financial & Relationship Wizard. He offers non-dual sessions by phone that can free people from any mental condition.
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