Helps restore the ability to feel love.

  1. Locate/Be Still. Take several deep breaths and relax. Slow everything down.
  2. Feel the weight of your head and put your full attention on it.
  3. Consider your attention to be like the beam of a very powerful flashlight. From the Locating position (two feet in front of your face) aim the beam directly back at yourself, and have it wrap itself lightly around the entire head.
  4. If a thought arises, tighten your attention to a more energetic concentration in order to stop its movement. If the thought moves, concentrate even more aggressively and move with it. Don’t let it "get away."
  5. When the thought movement stops, let up a bit on the concentration but remain alert, ready to repeat this procedure should another thought begin to move.
  6. Under no circumstances should you get involved in the "story line" of the thought; simply observe it dispassionately.
  7. Allow the silent space of this awareness to enter your body in the form of light. As the rays of light enter through the top of your head, feel every cell pulsating with light energy.
  8. As you feel your body filled with the light of pure Attention, complete this exercise for the full duration. Sense how your body may feel like an empty shell. Notice how silent the space is!