This procedure should be done first, before the other exercises. The sequence is important.

  1. Take several deep breaths, then silently but emphatically say to yourself, Slow down, slow down, be still! Wait silently for several moments to allow the mind to become quiet.
  2. Project your attention to a spot about two feet in front of your face. Without looking down, notice that you can see several parts of your body, such as arms and legs.
  3. Notice that your peripheral vision has broadened to include the other objects in the room. Open your peripheral vision still more widely and notice the adjacent walls. This is called "Open Attention."
  4. Without turning your head, and with gentle Open Attention, slowly study the objects in the room. Include the object you call your body, which has now fallen into your field of vision.
  5. Sit for five minutes with this effortless Open Attention, keeping your peripheral vision as wide open as possible. Pay particular attention to how silent space is!