The process of ceasing to identify yourself with a location or definition and gradually assuming the beingness of a larger whole is called integration. Consider when you feel the flesh of your hand. Do you feel each cell that makes up your hand, or do you feel an integrated sensation of the entire hand? What if you were able to relocate the boundaries of the location or the definition you consider you? Do you end at the skin? Or do you extend beyond? What do you believe?

Objective: To convey an experience of expansion and integration.

Expected Results: Insights, reconciliation.

Instructions: The following is done as a guided meditation. Either have someone read it to you slowly, or listen to Harry Palmer guiding this exercise on this MP3 audio version.

(Go through entire meditation three times.)

• Get some impression of the space you occupy. (pause)

• How far out does it extend? (pause)

• As effortlessly as you can, make your space extend in all directions. (pause)

• Include everyone and everything. (pause)

• Now get the impression that you contain the space you have just created. (pause)

• Feel where you come from. (pause)

Question for after the exercise: Where do you come from? And before that?


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