Repeatedly extending attention into and retracting attention from an area where attention is fixed will eventually recover the fixed attention from that area. Usually the recovery happens abruptly and is accompanied by one or more of the following results:

• A sudden insight into the area
• The appearance of a solution
• The disappearance of the area altogether
• Relief from pain
• Discharge of an upset or an emotional release
• Discharge of a past trauma
• A change in viewpoint (a reordering of importance)

Objective: To desensitize sensitive areas by removing fixed attention.

Expected Results: Physical and emotional healing.

Instructions: Pick any sensitive area from your life. Alternate between the following:
1) Describe the area in detail until your attention is focused on it, then
2) Describe something in your surroundings in detail until your attention is off the area.
3) Repeat this process back and forth until one or more of the above results occurs.

Note: You should be prepared to run this process for extended lengths of time. It can open old wounds and should not be abandoned just because the going gets tough. You are tougher. See it through to conclusion.

Some areas may be so fixed or emotionally charged that you cannot immediately extend attention to them (unconscious memories) or retract attention from them (danger). These situations are addressed and remedied in the creation exercises of Section II Avatar materials.


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