When attention is not directed by the will, it behaves in response to the environment or according to past patterns.

Objective: To explore the behavior of attention.

Expected Results: Insights, improved well-being, recovery of self-determinism.

Instructions 1: For one minute, shift your attention around the room, and notice how it fixes for a few moments her or is repelled there. Most people can feel a difference between looking at their own hands or looking into a stranger’s eyes. Attention lingers on certain things while other things push it away.

(If you’re in a location that is very familiar to you, you may find that the attraction or repulsion force is nearly the same for everything. If so, redo the exercise in a space that is new to you, e.g., a shopping mall.)

Instructions 2: For one minute, close your eyes and review the events of the past week. Notice how your attention lingers on certain things while other things seem to push your attention away.


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