During the past 35 years, I have participated in more than 100 different training programs in psychology, self-development, and spirituality. When I took The Avatar® Course in 1996, I was amazed to find a complete synthesis of everything I had studied and learned previously, integrated into a step-by-step experiential path to enlightenment and happiness. Not "just another training,” this was a complete and clear path to true mastery of life. I became a licensed Avatar teacher in 1999 and taught the course for six years.

The Avatar Course is a nine-day program in belief management and self mastery. More than 80,000 people have graduated from the training worldwide. In Avatar, there is no guru, no dogma, and no belief system to adhere to. In fact, the focus of the course is to explore beliefs themselves – where they come from, what they are, and how to change them. Avatar's elegant technology is fast and efficient. You can use Avatar techniques to re-gain your center, explore your past, open up new possibilities, and create the future you prefer. It is a powerful set of tools that you can use to transform yourself and your life in any way you wish.

In my opinion, The Avatar Course is one of the best investments you can make in your own life and in your personal development. The course is held periodically throughout the year in major cities across the U.S. and in many countries internationally. Contact me for more information and for referrals to teachers of The Avatar Course, or visit www.AvatarEPC.com for more information.

The following exercises come from the book ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness by Harry Palmer, the founder and creator of Avatar, and are reprinted here with the kind permission of Harry and Star’s Edge International®, the organization that manages the training program worldwide.

Further Study

I highly recommend the Avatar Mini-Courses. These free courses focus on experiential exercises for your independent study. Seven different courses are available for downloading at no cost. They include: The Personal Integrity Course, Basic Attention Management, The Basic Will Course, Creating Definition, The Forgiveness Option, Belief Management, and Basic Life Alignment. To download them and begin your exploration, visit avatarepc.com

The exercises above are reprinted with permission from ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness by Harry Palmer. © 1994, 1997 by Harry Palmer. All Rights Reserved. Avatar®, ReSurfacing® and Stars Edge International® are registered service marks licensed to Star’s Edge, Inc. For more information: www.avatarEPC.com