Are you ready to take your company, team or project to a new level of success? Would you like to move beyond your current limitations and break through to a more powerful and productive workplace? Lion Goodman’s Business Coaching restores productivity and enhances business by bringing new ways of thinking, working, and being to your company. For more than 25 years, Lion has consulted to corporate executives as an executive recruiter and coach. He combines an understanding of human psychology and behavior, business principles, practical reality and universal laws. Lion helps senior managers, executives and companies soar to new heights.


This track meets the needs of coaches working with senior level executives who have fiduciary responsibility to multiple stakeholders; stewardship of human, financial, intellectual, capital and social resources; and responsibility for the economic, social and environmental well-being of entire communities. The executive coach serves as strategic partner to the executive leader and his/her team. The executive coach's skills include the ability to coach business acumen and financial management, leadership and organizational skills, analytical and innovative thinking as well as an ability to inspire trust and commitment to action.

It’s difficult to see around the edges of a problem and create solutions when you’re immersed in it. Lion’s unique coaching method brings attention, care, impact and resolution to problems, whether in the personal, professional, social, or business realm. Don’t just solve problems – transform them. Break through limitations and get moving!
Are you having problems with your employees? For example:

1. absenteeism
2. presenteeism (employees showing up physically but not mentally)
3. an employee or manager that’s difficult to work with
4. falling productivity (the “don’t row” conspiracy)
5. failing morale

Call Lion for a free assessment. By moving to the core of the problem, and coaching individuals to re-integrate and come to work with their highest values intact, Lion gets to the core of the issue and solves personnel problems quickly and efficiently.
Contact Lion Goodman at (415)472-6500 for a free initial consultation.