1. Preliminary Research and Consultation
    We begin by increasing our knowledge of your company, industry, and business environment through initial consultation and research. Open discussions, frequently involving others in the company, result in our understanding of you, your management style, current business challenges, business goals, and the culture of your organization.
  2. Job Definition
    We work with you to define the position and its relationship to your management structure. We act as a facilitator and resource to help you state the requirements of the job and the qualifications of the ideal candidate. By relating both of these to your expectations for the successful candidate, a revealing profile emerges that includes the responsibilities, knowledge and abilities required for an individual to be effective in your organization.
  3. Search Plan and Strategy
    A planned, disciplined approach is fundamental to obtaining the desired results. We develop a plan of action that produces the most qualified candidates in a timely manner and we keep you informed on our progress so that you can measure results.
  4. Industry Research to Identify Prospects
    Industry sources are contacted to develop potential prospects and we target key organizations and individuals for referrals to people who would otherwise be difficult to identify. We also search through our extensive database to identify qualified individuals.
  5. Screening and Interviewing Prospects
    From the initial group of prospects, the most qualified are selected for an in-depth appraisal and interview. We assess the candidate's compatibility with your organization taking into consideration his or her personality, management style and cultural match, as well as the level of interest in the opportunity. The credentials of the best prospects are documented and verified, using our independent contacts as well as the candidate's references.
  6. Introduction of Candidates
    Those candidates we determine to be most suitable for your organization are presented for your consideration. A written report provides facts about the candidate's experience, accomplishments, and our subjective appraisal, along with the objective results of the Caliper Profile, our personality evaluation tool.
  7. Interviews with Candidates
    From several candidates presented, you will conduct one or more interviews. We will provide assistance in structuring these interviews for maximum benefit and add our professional perspective to the subsequent evaluation. Your feedback provides us with additional direction as the search process continues.
  8. Comprehensive Reference Checking
    You determine the preferred candidate. We complete comprehensive reference checks with those qualified to comment on the candidate's leadership, accomplishments, integrity, ethics, and personal characteristics. At that time, we also verify education credentials.
  9. Negotiation
    Once mutual interest is established, we assist in structuring the compensation package and employment arrangements. This is a critical stage requiring utmost skill and tact. The manner in which this is accomplished is key to completing a successful search.
  10. Follow-up
    Our service does not end with the successful conclusion of a search. We periodically communicate with you and the hired executive to assure that the expectations of both parties are met. This can minimize the possibility of a communication breakdown. While the recruitment of a few qualified candidates is a technical discipline, the intuitive selection of the superior executive is an art. Our extensive experience and methodical approach are guaranteed to provide you with outstanding employees.

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