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Awakening and Consciousness
A Shot in the Light
Lion's true life story about his near-death experience
Dorothy and the Very Bad Awful Disowned Feelings
How suppression of feelings causes dis-ease
How to Get Women To Love You
A sample of Lion's e-book - for men - how to become more lovable
The Process for Awakening
Seven steps from unconscious behavior to conscious choice
Awakening Your Will
A sample, chapter from Lion's book in progress, Everyday Awakening
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Beliefs and Manifestations
A Climb to the Top
Your beliefs can either take you far or keep you down
This I believe
One moment can change everything
What is Happiness? And How Can I Get Some?
Where true happiness comes from
Business and Management
Fiction, Poetry, Quotes and Humor
Endarkenment: The Top 40 Ways to Make Yourself Miserable
Along with everyone else around you (humor)
Everyday Awakening Quotes and Wisdom
A 19 -page compendium, growing larger everyday
Again Last Night
Fiction- about opportunities, openings, and reluctance
A flight of poems