We all want love. Lots of it. The more the better.
Throughout recorded history, men of all ages have asked the same question: “How can I get women to love me?”

Whether you are single or married, old or young, desiring a relationship or already in one, the techniques in this book can help you become more lovable, and attract love ¬– or more love – into your life.

You may be single and looking for that right woman. You may be looking for just a fling, or a lot of fun (or trouble). You may be married, or in a long-term relationship, longing to light that old spark back up again. You may be sexually monogamous with one partner, or polyamorous with many lovers. You may be gay or straight or bi or tri. But regardless of our circumstances, we all want more love in our lives.

And, we deserve more love in our lives – or we can deserve it – if we simply work on ourselves and make ourselves more loveable, more attractive to the love that is already out there. Women are actually looking for you right now. What you want wants you. But something stands in the way between you and the love you want.

Do you know what is standing in your way?

What is in the way is a part of you. That’s the bad news.

The good news is: there’s something you – and only you – can do about it.
This book contains more than one hundred suggestions that you can work with to change the parts of you that aren’t attractive to women. But nothing will change for you unless you implement at least some of the suggestions. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the results you are getting, and you will keep living the life you are living. The techniques in this book were developed and refined over lifetimes of invention and experimentation by many sophisticated and wise men, through a difficult path of trial, error, improvement and results. They are guaranteed to work – if you do.

So don’t just sit there – DO SOMETHING! Read each chapter, then implement at least one of the suggestions. Read more. Then implement one more shift. Continue growing. When we stop growing, we die to the infinite possibilities within us. When we grow as men, we open a doorway to the love we want. Like floodwaters, it will come rushing in.

Each of us knows at least one man who gets plenty of love. He attracts great women who love him. He never lacks a date or a good relationship. His life seems overflowing and abundant with love, regardless of looks, resources, or charm. I am one of those guys. I am average-looking, and middle-aged. I am 53, have a slight paunch around the middle, and carry about 20 pounds more than I need. Yet women fall in love with me easily.

Is there some special quality that only a few of us are gifted with at birth? Or are there secret things that a man can do to attract and sustain love from women? I have discovered dozens of things that you can do to attract more love (and more women) into your life. These actions also do something else – they help sustain a good relationship once you’ve got one. If you take this advice and do some of these things, you will become one of those “lucky” men that women love. When you get to that point, share the wealth. When those other guys ask you, “What’s your secret?” send them a copy of this free version of my e-book (you have my permission), or send them to my website to buy the full version.

Here is a list of 15 Techniques for Getting Women to Love You:
1. Know Thyself
2. Have Some Body
3. Be Mysterious
4. Integrity Rules
5. Speak Truth
6. Take Care of Yourself
7. Get Over Yourself
8. Love Women
9. Care
10. Please Her
11. Enjoy Her
12. Show Up
13. Then What?
14. End Cleanly
15. Keep Beginning Forever

When you implement these techniques into your life, you will be transformed into the kind of man that women love. Some of these shifts take a lot of internal work, such as changing some of your old habits and beliefs. Some of them are as easy as adopting a different point of view. The last chapter, Resources for Change, provides a list of referrals and suggestions for deeper work if you are serious about making big changes in your life and in yourself.

This free version of my book contains the first four techniques, plus the last chapter, Resources for Change. You can order the full version, which contains 15 chapters, on my website, www.everydayawakening.com.

Let me know of your successes, your struggles, thoughts, suggestions and additions. I welcome your questions and comments. Write to me at lion@everydayawakening.com.

Ready to begin? Let’s go exploring.

Technique #1: Know Thyself

Women love men who know themselves. Women are attracted to men who are solid and confident, and clear and settled about their lives, their desires, and their work. You can fake confidence for awhile, but fakes are discovered (and dumped) quickly. You have to do the inner work that grows the younger, adolescent part of you into a man of integrity. This has to do with emotional maturity, not physical age. “Real men” attract women like crazy. This is not exclusive to male models with six-pack abs (although that kind of solidity doesn’t hurt). It means any man who knows himself well and stands solid in himself. "Know Thyself" was the advice carved into the Oracle of Delphi temple dedicated to the sun god Apollo in ancient Greece, when Socrates and Plato were founding modern philosophical inquiry. “Know Thyself” was good advice then, and it remains good advice today.

There are a hundred ways to accomplish this goal, and they all require time and effort dedicated to inner work. Here are a few examples:

1. Read almost any book in the self-help or psychology section of a bookstore. There are excellent books on men’s psychology, improving relationships, and inner development. Don’t just read them – do the exercises. Recommendations: The Power of Now, Iron John, Fire in the Belly, Conversations with God, The Way of the Superior Man, and Mars and Venus on a Date.

2. Join a 12-step program if you have any addictions that are getting in the way. We’re almost all addicted to something. We try to fill that hole inside of us with some “filler” or stimulant. For some men it is the obvious vices: alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes, or sugar-and-fat-laced foods. For others it is a compulsion to have sex (beyond a healthy sex life), or to watch TV for hours at a time. For others it is work itself which has become the addiction. If you’re working more than ten hours a day consistently, you’re probably a workaholic. The twelve steps are a growth and healing technology we can all use.

3. Get into regular therapy and stick with it, even if you don’t feel like you need it. There are as many kinds of therapy as there are therapists. Interview at least ten before you decide whom to work with, then commit yourself to at least a year’s worth of inner exploration.

4. Take a workshop on self-development from an organization such as Landmark Education (The Forum), Star’s Edge (The Avatar Course), or others.

5. Find a reputable masseuse or body worker who does deep tissue body work, such as Rolfing or Hellerwork. Deep tissue work releases energy and past traumas, and it changes how you stand (physically and emotionally) in the world. Your stature, how you hold yourself and how you move, is a woman attractor.

6. Go see a psychic, shaman, or healer to heal deep wounds from the past. Yes, it’s weird, but it can work, and women will love the fact that you’re open minded enough to explore these buried aspects of yourself.

7. Study the history of philosophy, psychology, religion, mythology, or civilizations. The more you know about your past, and the past of your culture, the more prepared you are for creating a good future for yourself, and her. If you can talk about ideas instead of just football and work, you’ll attract a whole other (higher) class of women.

8. Learn to meditate. Then do it – at least once a day, and twice if possible. Finding your “center” is the single best way to be more at peace and ease with yourself, and with her, and with your co-workers. There are dozens of different types of meditation. Try them all until you find one that works for you. I recommend learning the techniques of Vipassana (Mindfulness), Transcendental Meditation, or Zen, but you can also just sit quietly without distractions for twenty minutes.

9. Go to yoga class – regularly. Try different types of yoga and different teachers until you find one you like. Stretching your body will give both your body and your mind more flexibility and ease of flow. Every yoga school has beginner’s classes. They don’t laugh when you’re clumsy, and they are filled with lovely, lithe women. Women outnumber men in yoga classes five- or ten-to-one, so get thee to a yoga class, especially if you’re single. As you age, you need yoga more and more to stay flexible and fit.

10. Take workshops dedicated to men’s development, such as The Sword & Scepter, The ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure, or Sterling Institute’s Men’s Weekend. There are dozens of others listed on www.MenStuff.org.

11. Join a men’s group. There are men’s groups in every state that you can join, or you can start your own. Check out The National Men’s Resource Center (www.menstuff.org) for a listing of Men’s Councils, or MenWeb (www.menweb.com), The Men’s Center (www.themenscenter.com), or Nation of Men (www.nom.org). When you are working on yourself and the difficult stuff in your life in the presence of other men, it is impossible to feel alone. A Men’s Group shows you that it is possible to grow and change, gives you structure for doing so, and provides models of excellence to learn from.

12. Take dance lessons. Learn to move with grace. Try partner dancing such as Salsa or Tango, even if (especially if) you think of yourself as someone who “can’t dance.” Also try self-expressive dance classes such as Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms Training (www.ravenrecording.com). A man who dances and moves well attracts women’s attention, because so many men can’t even find their hips. It will also affect how you walk, talk, and work. Men who can dance well are women magnets.

13. Create art. Get out some art supplies and put some paint or crayon on paper. Make something out of clay. Play a musical instrument. Start expressing the non-verbal parts of yourself. Take a few classes at your local college. (Life drawing classes usually feature live nudes, which always inspires creative expression.) Drawing gets you out of your head, quiets the mind, and brings you into the present moment. It’s a great antidote to thinking. Read “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” and do the exercises.

14. Engage in interesting conversations with interesting people. Take the most interesting person you know out to lunch and ask a lot of questions. Be interested, rather than interesting. It will give you something to think and talk about that is outside your current reality. Do this with a different person each week. Engage in conversations with elders, and with people completely unlike you. Each time you gain a new perspective you get a new lease on life. Stretch your mind in new directions.

15. Explore your spirituality. Religion gives many people everything they need spiritually. Most people, however, have rejected their original church’s doctrine somewhere along the way. There are many good ways to get back in touch with the Divine, God, Spirit, Higher Self, or whatever you prefer to call the Big It. Your spiritual nature is as important to work on as your physical, emotional, and intellectual nature. You can find a path that is personally fulfilling to you. Explore books, classes, trainings, workshops, and spiritual teachers.

When you realize that your task in life is to “Know Thyself,” the study of almost anything can lead you to greater self-knowledge. There are thousands of resources available to us – more than at any time throughout history. The way to become more interesting to women is to be…. interesting! And the way to be interesting is to be interested. The more different things you are interested in and study, the more depth you have. Women love depth. They want to bathe in it. They want to revel in it.

In almost every one of these areas of exploration, women outnumber men. In self-development workshops and spiritual gatherings, women outnumber men. Those of us who engage in these activities are surrounded by women. And we love it. We can’t understand why men aren’t flocking to these activities. If you are one man in a room-full of women, you’ll be noticed, and desired, and wanted. It’s that simple.

And as you get to Know Thyself, remember also to Love Thyself. If you don’t love you, how do you expect anyone else to love you?

Technique #2: Have Some Body

Women love men who are comfortable in their bodies. Most men live a short distance away from their bodies, and inhabit only two small regions: their head and their genitals. This disturbs women who live in and through their bodies. Women can sense instantly whether you are “in” or “out” of your body, and how comfortable you are inside your skin. Men who are in touch with their body’s feelings and sensations are more sensitive to women’s feelings, so they make better lovers. Women know this.

What can you do to get into your body? Exercise is one route, but it is possible to use exercise to harden your shell, rather than get in touch with what you are actually feeling. Gyms are filled with hard body types who radiate the message “I’m hard – and insensitive!” Exercise is great for you, and is essential to your health, but strength and aerobic exercise should be mixed with yoga or dance – the two best practices for learning to inhabit your body. Check into yoga classes and dance classes in your city. Get over your embarrassment. They are always filled with women who are exploring their bodies and their sensuality, and expressing their beauty. You will get attention from dancers looking for a partner, and “yoginis” looking for a yogi to practice with.

If lovemaking is a dance, how many steps do you know? Many men have a repertoire of only a few steps: The “I’ll take what I want” tango. The “I got mine” waltz. The “This is the way I like it” two-step. There are hundreds of other forms of lovemaking, and they can all be learned.
Bodies are fascinating, and they are worthy of careful study. Here is one piece of advice that you can use your entire life to get women to love you more: Slow Down! W a a a a y D o w n. Women open to sexuality and make love at a much slower speed than men. They rarely catch up if you’re jetting ahead. Slow down your lovemaking fervor. You’ll have more time to explore, have fun, and receive more pleasure. And, you’ll get much more love from your woman. This is especially true before sex. “Foreplay” is not a technique that you use in order to get laid. [Here’s a joke that’s old but unfortunately true: Q: Why do so many women fake orgasms? A: Because so many men fake foreplay!]

The sexual act should be a slow, languorous walk from sensual touching and kissing to the curtain call of orgasm. If it feels like a snail’s pace to you, it’s about the right speed for most women. Imagine that you’re taking a long stroll through a forest rather than a 100-yard sprint. Take time to feel each sensation in your body, and imagine what she feels with each caress. There’s nothing wrong with hot, aggressive sex, but this should be the culmination of a long, slow progression of heat and desire. Try it. You’ll like the results. And so will she. In fact, she’ll love you for it.

Technique #3: Be Mysterious

What is The Mystery? It is the unknown, and the unknowable. It is something hinted at, but not revealed. It is what is potential, and what is possible. Women love mystery because they are part of the Great Mystery. They are neither knowable, nor understandable, nor figure-out-able, nor predictable. They change every moment – like the weather, like waves, like the tides of the ocean. This is what drives us crazy and this is what fascinates us to no end. It turns out that women love the mystery, and they love men who are a little mysterious.

Being mysterious does not mean hiding everything, nor does it mean pretending to be something you are not. I don’t recommend becoming a CIA agent in order to attract chicks. Being mysterious means being less predictable. It means changing your habits suddenly, for no good reason. It means not revealing everything about yourself on the first (or second, or fiftieth) date. Being mysterious is saying “I’m not going to tell you,” from time to time. (“Why?” she will ask. “I’m not going to tell you,” is your answer, with a smile.)

Most men are completely predictable. If a busty blonde beauty walks in the door, it is a safe bet that almost every man will look at her. We can’t help it. We are creatures of habit, and of hormone. However, one man in the room won’t even notice her (or if he does, you can’t tell). His attention is fixed on the woman he is with. That is not predictable behavior, and it is very mysterious. Other women will notice, and ask each other, “What makes him so different?” And that is exactly the question you want them to be asking. Because they will want to find out.
Some dating experts recommend being “cocky and funny” in order to attract the attention and interest of women. Cockiness is a signal that indicates self-confidence, and “funny” can mean unpredictable, and therefore mysterious. This combination can work well to create interest and attraction. It can also be formulaic, and therefore predictable. Any “formula for attracting chicks” will work for awhile, but then it runs out of steam. Women want the real thing – they want authenticity. It is a better strategy to actually become mysterious.

Take time to explore your spiritual nature – that is the ultimate Mystery. The big questions of life remain the most important questions to ask yourself: “Who am I?” “Where did all this come from?” “Why are we here?” “Where are we going in this once-and-only life?” When you really explore these big questions, you become deeply connected to that deeper mystery. Your depth and your mystery will be real. And women will love you for it.

Technique #4: Integrity Rules

Integrity is defined as “Soundness of and adherence to moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty; the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished; an unimpaired condition.” For men, integrity means that all of your parts are aligned and integrated. It means speaking your truth and standing up for what is right and true. It includes honesty with yourself about yourself, honesty in your communication with others, and living your life based on principles that you’ve thought about and committed to.

When a woman opens herself fully to you, it is an awesome sight to behold: beautiful, sexy, wild, and fully feminine. But a women will only open herself fully to a man she can trust. If a man is not trustworthy (and women know when he is or isn’t, regardless of what he says or does), she cannot open fully. If your woman is not opening herself to you, if she is holding back her open, voluptuous, juicy self, it usually means that there is something going on with you that she can’t trust.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to look at yourself deeply, find out where you have been out of integrity. Then get it cleaned up. In the 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, this is called “Doing a Ruthless Moral Inventory.” It means looking at every place in your life where you have been out of integrity, waking up to it, facing up to it, and cleaning it up. This doesn’t mean going into blame or shame, but taking responsibility for where you’ve been out of alignment with your own highest values, and doing what is necessary to fix it. If you’ve committed a crime, or broken a promise, or withheld something you know is important to say or admit, buck up and be a man. Go back and admit that you made a mistake. Apologize for screwing up (or around). Make a new commitment to not do it again. Make amends wherever necessary.

Then clean up your act going forward. If you make a promise, keep it. Be good for your word. Speak your truth about what you want and need, what is acceptable and isn’t acceptable. Live according to your highest principles, and your highest intuition about what’s right.
This is a lifetime practice, and it gets easier the more you practice it. Create a list of “incomplete cycles,” – the promises you made but didn’t keep, the things you meant to say but never did, the projects you began but never finished, the agreements you broke, and the people you hurt that you never apologized to. Start by cleaning up one each day. Take a gradient approach – start with the small ones where the stakes aren’t very high. Exercise this cleaning muscle, and build yourself up to handling bigger and bigger messes from the past. I guarantee that if you do this, by the end of one year you will have a new life, and you will be a man of integrity that women can trust and open to. In addition, you will be the kind of man that other men trust. You will be a man of integrity.

Resources for Change

These resources are useful for self-growth and change. Some of them come with my strong recommendation, and others are simply resources that you should check out for yourself. It is your job to check each one out and determine whether they are right for you or not. Only you can tell. Each one has benefits to some men, but not all. Don’t be afraid to experiment. None of these will do any permanent damage, although they may inflict permanent change.

Menstuff®, The National Men's Resource includes over 2,600 resources for positive change in male roles and relationships. They provide a nationwide calendar of local, regional, national and international men's events. They list bookstores with separate men's sections, men's publications, abuse & recover resources, alternatives to violence, bulletin boards, catalogues, centers & counseling centers, councils, family organizations, groups peer lead and facilitated, men's health, international contacts, national, regional and religious organizations, retreat centers, transgender resources, youth services, vet centers and more. Visit www.menstuff.org
The Men’s Tribe – In the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California, this group of men explore power, presence and purpose through a process of initiation and facilitated men’s Challenge Groups. Men meet regularly in small groups for deep work on themselves, challenging themselves and each other to be their best. The group is based on specific principles and values we all choose to live by. For more information contact: Tim Kelley (timk@transcendentsolutions.com) or Keith Merron (kmerron@avistaconsultinggroup.com). Highly recommended, in part because I am a co-founder.

The Sword and the Scepter is an amazing 4-day workshop which explores all aspects of men’s power. Held twice per year, it is one of the most powerful workshops I’ve taken. I learned more about my issues with power during this workshop than I did in years of therapy. Highly recommended. Held in Northern California. Contact Tim Kelley or Keith Merron (timk@transcendentsolutions.com or kmerron@avistaconsultinggroup.com for information and schedules. Tim and Keith are master facilitators, and are co-founders of The Men’s Tribe.
Nation of Men – Another group of dynamic men who help each other grow through deep work in small groups and large gatherings. Also located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this group gives men a place to be their best in the company of other men who care about living the best life they can. Visit: www.nom.org.

The Men’s Center and Men’s Web – More great resource sites: www.menweb.com and www.themenscenter.com.

The Mankind Project offers New Warrior Adventure Trainings, a great program for developing men’s power and commitment to higher principles. For information, visit www.mkp.org, write to P.O. Box 230, Malone, NY 12953-0230, call 800.870.4611, or email dnhwmtl@aol.com.
The Noble Man Workshop provides a safe space for men to express and explore their fears, wounds and resentments around women while being held and supported by an experienced female staff. Being seen and heard with unconditional love and acceptance allows for the true alchemy of man and woman to emerge. This intensive culminates in a Rite of Initiation for men into their purpose and vision as a whole man, honoring themselves and being honored by women. Held in Northern California. www.celebrationofbeing.com.

Dance and Yoga: Check your local resources for dance classes. My favorite is Gabrielle Roth’s 5-Rhythms dance: www.ravenrecording.com, which is a free-form dance style which focuses on self-expression, rather than specific movements that are “right” to make. Almost all partner dance classes are attended by women looking for a man who can dance. Salsa and Tango are both very sexy and hot. Try a few different classes until you find a teacher you like. The teacher makes all the difference between feeling “I can handle this” and “I can’t handle this.”
There are two many yoga styles to list, but check out Bikram Yoga, hot yoga in a sauna-like environment, developed by a body builder (www.bikramyoga.com), Anusara Yoga, the most grounded in the Tantric or holistic view of life (www.anusara.com), or Iyengar Yoga, which is very specific about how to do poses correctly (www.iyengar-yoga.com). Any form of beginning Hatha Yoga is a good place to start.

Sex and Sexuality – Menstuff’s web site Let's Talk About Sex provides a site map for men around issues, resources and books pertinent to a variety of issues around sexuality. www.sexstuff.org. David Deida is an awesome author and teacher about the deeper meaning of sex, sexuality, and the interaction between the masculine and feminine. I refer to him as “Saint David.” He is funny, real, spiritual, and powerfully truthful. Read his book, “The Way of the Superior Man.” Also read his essays on his website, www.deida.com.

Inner Development – The Avatar® Course – This 9-day training is my favorite course for self development. I believe it is the most powerful course for consciousness change on the planet. After I took it, I experienced such profound growth that I went back and became a licensed teacher. Developed twenty years ago by Harry Palmer, an educational psychologist and deep inner explorer, the course teaches you the real basics about how we create our own reality (through our beliefs) and how we can change our reality by changing our beliefs. More than 100,000 people around the world have taken The Avatar Course. Read more on the official Avatar website, www.avatarEPC.com.

Enhance Your Integrity – If you want to work on your integrity, my highest recommendation is the Avatar Personal Integrity Course. You can download this mini-course for free. If you follow the steps and allow yourself to be truly honest about what you find, you can expect improved well-being, insights into attacks and disagreements, and a freeing of creative energy. Download it at www.avatarepc.com/html/mini-eng.html. If you like the results, sign up for The Avatar Course by finding an Avatar teacher near you at www.avatarEPC.com.
SoulWave – My friend Kathryn Darling teaches an amazing series of courses called SoulWave, which is based on her lifetime of study of quantum physics (both of her parents were nuclear physicists) and the spiritual and psychological paths. She provides many ways of delving deeply into your own psyche to first understand your patterns, and then to change them. Visit www.soulwave.com.

Waking Down – Saniel Bonder created the process called Waking Down in Mutuality for self-development and awakening. Two of his books are “Waking Down” and “Healing the Spirit/Matter Split,” both of which I highly recommend. You can also become directly connected to this work and practice through his community (the “In Mutuality” part) at www.wakingdown.org.

Understanding the Chakras – Anodea Judith, whom I’m extraordinarily fond of –both because she is an awesome woman of great power and beauty and because she is my girlfriend and partner – teaches about the Chakras, the ancient Hindu and Tantric wisdom about the seven energy centers in the body that represent our path from earth to heaven and from spirit to matter. Her books include Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, a serious study of developmental psychology as viewed through the Chakra system. She also produced an award-winning film, The Illuminated Chakras, an amazing visual feast, tour, and meditation through your own Chakra system. Her newest book, Waking the Global Heart, is an overview of the history of human civilization, where we went wrong, and why we’re in our current mess. She also prescribes a way out of the mess so we can straighten out our world before we run off a cliff. Her website is www.sacredcenters.com.

Manifestation Training – If you want to become more masterful at creating and manifesting the life you want, Anodea and I teach a powerful course, “Manifestation Through the Chakras: Turning Your Dreams Into Reality.” It is offered three times per year: in Northern California, at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, and at a beautiful resort and spa in Costa Rica. We break down the manifestation process into a step-by-step procedure, giving you the tools to create the life you want. Whether you want to create a loving relationship, a successful business, wealth, or spiritual awakening, you can use this process to bring it to fruition. Highly recommended (but then, I’m prejudiced). Visit Anodea’s website www.sacredcenters.com or mine www.everydayawakening.com.

Life Purpose Process – If you are wondering about your life purpose, I recommend Tim Kelley’s Life Purpose Process. In a series of meetings in person or by phone, he can help you identify what your actual life purpose is, and how to get yourself aligned with it. He has worked successfully with a wide variety of people from senior executives to artists, including me. Contact Tim at timk@transcendentsolutions.com or at (415)902-8906.

Landmark Education provides many different educational and transformational workshops around the country, including their flagship course, The Landmark Forum. Although their courses do not speak directly to the spiritual side of life (as I prefer), their courses are eminently practical and can open you up to new possibilities of living. Their Communication Course is very powerful, especially for teams and organizations. I use many of their concepts in my trainings. www.landmarkeducation.com.

Personal Life Coaching – Athletes and executives use coaches to improve their personal best. Personal life coaching as a profession has evolved to the point where there are almost more coaches than people who need coaching. As a personal life coach myself, I am very particular about who I recommend. I believe that the best-trained coaches are coming out of the coaching school New Ventures West. You can visit them at www.newventureswest.com. There are many other schools of coaching, and all of them are good to some extent, but not all coaches are well trained, and not everyone who calls themselves a coach will be good for you. Most life coaches offer an initial hour or half-hour of coaching at no charge. Try out many coaches until you find a person that really works for you. If you’re not making rapid progress on moving your life forward with your coach, it’s not likely to work well later. Find another coach who is a better fit for you.

I provide coaching to men who are serious about getting their lives moving forward rapidly and powerfully with integrity, love, and spiritual growth. Call me at 415.472.6500 about coaching if you’re serious about manifesting your power, purpose, and passion.

Conclusion and Completion
Here is a review of The 15 Techniques, which are included in the full version of the e-book:
1. Know Thyself
2. Have Some Body
3. Be Mysterious
4. Integrity Rules
5. Speak Truth
6. Take Care of Yourself
7. Get Over Yourself
8. Love Women
9. Care
10. Please Her
11. Enjoy Her
12. Show Up
13. Then What?
14. End Cleanly
15. Keep Beginning Forever

When you implement these 15 techniques into your life, you will be transformed into the kind of man that women love. Some of these shifts take a lot of internal work, such as changing old habits. Some of them are as easy as adopting a different point of view. All of them are ways to “Know Thyself.” At each step, your capacity for both giving and receiving love expands, and your life becomes joy.

If you are serious about wanting to make changes, review the resources listed in the last chapter and choose one or more to dive into. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. When you purchase the full version of the e-book, the price includes a free 20-minute coaching session. You can also choose a full one-hour coaching session (regularly $175) for only $50.
To take advantage of either offer, email me with your contact information, location, and the best time to reach you. My assistant will call you to arrange an appointment time.

I offer workshops and personalized coaching for success. If you would like information about these services, or if you would like to be on my mailing list, send an email with “EA Newsletter” in the subject line to Lion@EverydayAwakening.com.

Let me know of your successes and your struggles, your thoughts, and your suggestions for improving this book. I welcome your emails at Lion@EverydayAwakening.com. For additional articles, exercises, and support, visit my website at www.EverydayAwakening.com.
I wish you the very best of everything as you traverse your unique path toward integrity and wholeness.

-- Lion Goodman